Mạo từ (Article) là chủ đề ngữ pháp vô cùng quan trọng trong Tiếng Anh. Nếu thiếu mạo từ, chúng ta khó có thể biết được đó là loại danh từ nào. Hiểu được tầm quan trọng của mạo từ, chúng tôi đã tóm tắt lý thuyết và các dạng bài tập a an the (mạo từ) có kèm đáp án. Bạn có thể tham khảo dưới đây nhé!




I.A và An

– A và An chỉ một, là mạo từ không xác định

+ A được dùng để bắt đầu bằng một phụ âm. Tuy nhiên, a cũng có thể đứng trước các từ bằng một nguyên âm có phát âm như phụ âm.+ An được dùng để đứng trước nguyên âm hoặc các từ bắt đầu bằng âm h câm.

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– Cách dùng: A và An dùng để đứng trước các danh từ đếm được số ít, các từ chỉ nghề nghiệp, các từ được nhắc đến lần đầu tiên hoặc chỉ một loại.

II. The

– The không giống với A và An. The là mạo từ xác định.

– Cách dùng: The được dùng để chỉ các danh từ đếm được số ít. Thông thường, The đứng trước các từ đã được nhắc trước đó hoặc đứng cùng với các từ đã được xác định hay đứng đầu trong ngữ đồng vị.

The + N + Giới từ + N

The + N + Đại từ quan hệ + mệnh đề phụ

The + Adj_so sánh nhất

The + Adjđại điện cho 1 tập thể người nhất định


Bài tập 1: Điền các mạo từ A/An/The vào chỗ trống

1.__________ house

2. __________ box

3. __________ unbrella

4. __________ utensil

5. __________ boy in red

6. __________ second week

7. __________ disabled

8. __________ hour

9. __________ honor

10. _________ South

Bài tập 2: Điền các mạo từ A/An/The vào chỗ trống trong các câu sau đây

1._________ place where my boyfriend met me.

2. Does Nam bring ___________ umbrella?

3. I am _______ teacher. I am teaching in primary school.

4. Such ________ long queue! What _______ beautiful girl!

5. How about aspirin for ________ aches?

6. Are they looking for________key?

7. Minh missed _______ film on T.V at 8 p.m yesterday.

8. Susan read ________ book which she really enjoy very much.

9. Wind’ll spend ______ month in the mountains tomorrow.

10. This is _______ more wonderful song he has ever listened.

Bài tập 3: Chọn đáp án đúng nhất trong các câu dưới đây

1. Hoang would live to live by _____ river.

A.the B.an C.a

2. Huy is a busy doctor. He spends most of his life at ______ see.

A.a B.an C.the D.không cần mạo từ

3. My family had ______ meal in a Korea’s restaurant.

A. a B. an C. the D. không cần mạo từ

4. Can you turn on _________ fans, please?

A.a B.an C.the

5. Mai changed ________ new red car last month.

A.a B.an C.the

Bài tập 4: Tìm và sửa lỗi sai (nếu có)

1. This is more territable book Jim has ever read.

2. Oanh had a hour to do her homework yesterday.

3. According to a weather forecast, it is going to rain this week.

4. Kim didn’t lot of money to buy a new house for her parents.

5. They can’t clean the polluted rivers overnight.


Bài tập 1:

1._____A_____ house (danh từ đếm được số ít/ một phụ âm)

2. _____A_____ box (danh từ đếm được số ít/ một phụ âm)

3. _____An_____ unbrella (danh từ đếm được số ít/ một nguyên âm)

4. _____A_____ utensil (danh từ đếm được số ít/ một nguyên âm nhưng phát âm như một phụ âm)



Exercise 1: Chọn đáp án đúng để điền vào chỗ trống (chú ý: ký hiệu “x” có nghĩa là không cần mạo từ)

1. We are looking for _______ place to spend ________ night.

A. the/the B. a/the C. a/a D. the/a

2. Please turn off ________ lights when you leave ________ room.

A. the/the B. a/a C. the/a D. a/the

3. We are looking for people with ________experience.

A. the B. a C. an D. x

4. Would you pass me ________ salt, please?

A. a B. the C. an D. x

5. Can you show me ________way to ________station?

A. the/the B. a/a C. the/a D. a/the

6. She has read ________interesting book.

A. a B. an C. the D. x

7. You’ll get ________shock if you touch ________ live wire with that screwdriver.

A. an/the B. x/the C. a/a D. an/the

8. Mr. Smith is ________ old customer and ________ honest man.

A. An/the B. the/an C. an/an D. the/the

9. ________ youngest boy has just started going to ________ school.

A. a/x B. x/the C. an/x D. the/x

10. Do you go to ________ prison to visit him?

A. the B. a C. x D. an

11. ________eldest boy is at ________ college.

A. a/the B. the/x C. x/ a D. an/x

12. Are you going away next week? No, ________ week after next.

A. an B. a C. the D. x

13. Would you like to hear ________ story about ________ English scientist?

A. an/the B. the/the C. a/the D. a/ an

14. There’ll always be a conflict between ________ old and ________ young.

A. the/the B. an/a C. an/the D. the/a

15. There was ________ collision at ________ corner.

A. the/a B. an/the C. a/the D. the/the

16. My mother thinks that this is ________ expensive shop.

A. the B. an C. a D. x

17. Like many women, she loves ________ parties and ________gifts.

A. the/ a B. a/the C. a/a D. x/x

18. She works seven days ________ week.

A. a B. the C. an D. x

19. My mother goes to work in ________ morning.

A. a B. x C. the D. an

20. I am on night duty. When you go to ________ bed, I go to ________ work.

A. a/x B. a/the C. the/x D. x/x

Exercise 2: Câu chuyện sau được chia thành các câu nhỏ, hãy đọc và điền mạo từ thích hợp “a/an/ the hoặc x (không cần mạo từ)” vào chỗ trống:

1. There was ________knock on ________door. I opened it and found ________small dark man in ________blue overcoat and _______woolen cap.

2. He said he was ________employee of ________gas company and had come to read ________meter.

3. But I had ________suspicion that he wasn"t speaking ________truth because ________meter readers usually wear ________peaked caps.

4. However, I took him to ________ meter, which is in ________dark corner under ________ stairs.

5. I asked if he had ________ torch; he said he disliked torches and always read ________ meters by ________light of ________match.

6. I remarked that if there was ________leak in ________ gas pipe there might be ________ explosion while he was reading ________meter.

7. He said, “As ________matter of ________fact, there was ________explosion in ________last house I visited; and Mr. Smith, ________owner of ________house, was burnt in ________face.”

8. “Mr. Smith was holding ________lighted match at ________time of ________explosion.”

9. To prevent ________possible repetition of this accident, I lent him ________torch.

10. He switched on ________torch, read ________meter and wrote ________ reading down on ________back of ________envelope.

11. I said in ________surprise that ________meter readers usually put ________readings down in ________book.

12. He said that he had had ________book but that it had been burnt in ________fire in________ Mr. Smith"s house.

13. By this time I had come to ________conclusion that he wasn"t ________genuine meter reader; and ________moment he left ________house I rang ________police.

Exercise 3: Điền mạo từ thích hợp “a/an/the hoặc x (không cần mạo từ)”” vào chỗ trống.

14. Are John and Mary ________cousins? ~

No, they aren"t ________cousins; they are ________brother and ________sister.

15. ________fog was so thick that we couldn"t see ________ side of ________road. We followed ________car in front of us and hoped that we were going ________right way.

16. I can"t remember ________exact date of ________storm, but I know it was on ________Sunday because everybody was at ________church. On ________Monday ________post didn"t come because ________roads were blocked by ________fallen


17. Peter thinks that this is quite ________ cheap restaurant.

18. A: There"s ________murder here. ~

B: Where"s ________body?~

A: There isn"t ________body. ~

B: Then how do you know there"s been ________murder?

19. Number ________hundred and two, - ________house next door to us, is for sale.

It"s quite ________nice house with ________big rooms ________back windows look out on ________park.

20. I don"t know what ________price ________owners are asking. But Dry and Rot are ________agents. You could give them ________ring and make them ________offer.

21. ________postman"s little boy says that he"d rather be ________dentist than ________doctor, because ________dentists don"t get called out at ________night.

22. Just as ________air hostess (there was only one on the plane) was handing me ________cup of ________coffee ________plane gave ________lurch and ________ coffee went all over ________person on ________other side of ________gangway.

23. There was ________collision between ________car and ________cyclist at ________ crossroads near ________my house early in ________morning.

24. Professor Jones, ________man who discovered ________new drug that everyone is talking about, refused to give ________press conference.

25 Peter Piper, ________student in ________ professor"s college, asked him why he refused to talk to ________press.

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Exercise 1:

1. B 2. A 3. D 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. B 8. C 9. D 10. A

11. B 12. C 13. D 14. A 15. C 16. B 17. D 18. A 19. C 20. D

Exercise 2:

1. a - the - a - a - a

2. an - the - the

 3. a - the - x - x

4. the - the - the

5. a - x - the - a

6. a - a - an - the

7. a - x - an - the - the - the - the

8. a - the - the

9. a - a

10. the - the - the - the - an

11. x - x - the - a

12. a – the - x

13. the - a - the - the - the

Exercise 3:

14. x - x - x - x

15. The - the - the - the - the

16. the - the - x - the - x - the – x - x

17. a

18. a - the - a - a

19. a - the - a - x - the - the

20. x - the - the - a - an

21. The - a - a - x - x

22. the - a - x - the - a - the - the - the - the

23. a - a - a - the – x - the.

24. the - the - a

 25. a - the - the

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