Here comes the stepwise guide on how lớn format HP USB with the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Besides, you can learn what to vì chưng when meet the write protected error.

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/ Last Updated May 5, 2023

About HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

The HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool was create lớn format USB drive & desktop computers produced prior khổng lồ 2012 & computers running Windows XP. The formatting utility can work with newer operating system but the result may vary. It can format UBS flash drives lớn FAT, FAT32 và NTFS. But you should cảnh báo that this utility only works with USB connected flash drives, not internal ones. Although it is an “HP” format tool, it is compatible with all brands of pen drive, not only HP ones.

How the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool works?

This section will demonstrate how khổng lồ use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to format USB drives. Before proceeding, it should be noted that you need to lớn run the program with Administrative privileges for it to lớn work properly.

Warning: Format will erase everything on the USB flash drive, so back up anything you need in advance. Không lấy phí backup software-AOMEI Backupper is highly recommended for this task.

Step 1. Connect the flash drive you want khổng lồ format to lớn a Windows PC and make sure it can be detected successfully. Download HP USB Disk Storage Format utility from website to lớn your computer.

Step 2. Right click the application icon và select Run as Administrator & click “Yes”.

Step 3. It will list all available removable disks on your computer, so choose the correct USB drive.

Step 4. Choose file system for the drive. It gives only FAT32 và NTFS in Windows 7.


Step 5. You can mix a volume label if necessary. Tick “Quick Format” và click Start to lớn format the USB flash drive.


What to do: HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool write protected?

From above tutorial, we can know that it is easy to format USB drives via HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool Portable. However, some users report they often meet the disk write-protected error during the formatting process like the below one:

“Try khổng lồ format my HP USB drive with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Start it & select my HP USB drive, choose FAT32 file system và tick Quick Format. Finally, click Start only khổng lồ get a prompting window saying: Device truyền thông media is write-protected. Why this issue occurs và how lớn fix it?”


In this case, you need to lớn remove write protection from the USB drive. To do so, there are several methods you can try.

Method 1. Kiểm tra the lock switch

Some portable drives have a lock switch used to protect the drive in transit. Insert the USB in your computer to see if you can save new files lớn the drive or edit any existing files inside the drive. If you cannot và receive a notification telling you bởi not have permission to the access, the drive is locked.

Then you can check the USB drive for a switch. Push the switch lớn the opposite position & try again. In most cases, this simple switch will unlock the drive and make it available for normal use.


Method 2. Clear write protection via CMD

If your USB flash drive is set to lớn read only mode by diskpart, you will also meet the write protect error when using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Thus, you can remove the read only attribute via Command Prompt.

Press “Win+R” to xuất hiện “Run” dialogue. Type “diskpart” và press Enter. Run as administrator. Then, run these commands one by one:

list disk

select disk n (where n is the disk number of your USB flash drive)

attributes disk clear readonly



Method 3. Reset writeprotect value in Registry

The Windows Registry is a database that saves a wide variety of configuration settings, nearly all configuration settings included with Windows. And the writeprotect key can be created, modified and deleted inside it.

Step 1. Open the Run box with pressing Windows key+r on your keyboard. Enter regedit in the box & click “OK”.

Step 2. Navigate to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrent

Step 3. Double click the writeprotect option and set the value from 1 to lớn 0 (from positive khổng lồ negative) in the pop-up window.

Method 4. Check and fix possible errors

When the USB drive has some bad sectors or errors, the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool might also fails with the write protected error. Then you can use CHKDSK.exe tool to check and fix USB flash drive error.

Open “Run” box lượt thích you bởi in last method, và input “cmd” and hit on Enter. In the Command Prompt window, đầu vào “chkdsk g: /f /r /x” và press Enter. Replace g with your USB drive letter.


After this, you can try khổng lồ format the USB drive again. If the write protect error still persists, try the last method, please.

Method 5. Apply không lấy phí partition manager lớn force format

If the file system of the USB flash drive is corrupted and USB drive becomes write protected, you can switch khổng lồ AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. This free partition manager can force format write protected USB drive with corrupted file system. Three steps can make it done.

Step 1. Download, install và run AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard on Windows PC. Right click the USB drive & select “Format Partition”.

Step 2. Choose a necessary tệp tin system and click “OK”. As shown in the screenshot, you can also format USB khổng lồ Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 as well.

Step 3. Back lớn the main interface, click “Apply” khổng lồ commit the pending operation.


The Standard version only works with Windows 11/10/8/7 và Windows XP/Vista (32bit và 64bit). For Windows server users, the AOMEI Partition Assistant vps is a great choice.


In this article, you can learn how to use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, as well as how to lớn solve device truyền thông media is write-protected issue. Worth lớn mention. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a great alternative when you meet "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool not working" problem.

Besides, it can perform other disk partition management operations lượt thích clone partition, clone disk, make a bootable media, move partition, rebuild MBR, merge partitions, convert data disk from MBR to
GPT without deleting partitions for Windows 11, etc.

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How lớn Use HP USB Format Tool?
Best Alternative of HP USB Format Tool

Whenever you install Windows on a computer, you need lớn burn a USB for this purpose. To lớn burn one, you must first format it properly so the process can be executed. For that, you need to have the perfect environment built for it. One effective direction you can inherit is using the HP USB Format Tool. This article covers the tool and its functions while providing you with the best options to lớn consider while formatting your USB.


What Is The HP USB Format Tool?

For this part, we shall first introduce the HP USB Disk Storage Format tool and its functionality for the readers. This will be helpful in guiding you about the tool & the file system format that will be used in formatting a USB.

What Is HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool?

HP USB Format Tool is a known utility software developed by HP for Windows computers. This tool provides the platform to lớn format the USB devices to different known file systems, which include FAT, FAT32, & NTFS. Following this, you can also consider using the HP USB Format Tool for multiple purposes apart from formatting USB drives. This tool also creates DOS startup disks for booting Windows devices.



What Is The Best HP USB Format?

USB functions under a specific file system or format that usually defines where the USB is used. As Windows, Mac, và Linux have their defining formats, these formats have their security preferences và functionalities. This is why there is a menu of formats that you can go across while selecting an HP USB format for yourselves.

As you look into the formats for your HP USB, you will discover a phối of different file systems that can be considered. To make your selection easier và more efficient, we have outlined the formats as follows:

FAT32: A file extension system that stores data in 32-bit chunks. This version supports more extensive media and provides no form of encryption method.

When put in comparison, the ex
FAT file system provides a feasible và optimized set of options for flash drives. It has removed all restrictions on file sizes và does not provide any particular partition limits. While it covers all FAT32 limitations, it cuts out all overheads lượt thích in the NTFS, making it the best available version for HP USBs in Windows.

With that, we will proceed lớn how the HP USB Format Tool can be used perfectly to format the USBs.

How khổng lồ Use HP USB Format Tool?

HP USB Format Tool has been referred lớn as a great tool for formatting flash drives & other drives across the Windows computer. While we have listed down the limitations associated with this software, it is now time to figure out how one can use it to execute their requirements. Let"s find out while looking into the detailed steps as shown below:

Step 1: Connect Flash Drive and Launch Tool

You must start by connecting your USB drive that is khổng lồ be formatted with the computer. As it is detected, tải về the HP USB Format Tool and launch it on your PC. For that, you have to lớn use the “Run as Administrator” option while launching the tool.


Step 2: Select the Removable Disk

As the window opens, find the các mục of all removable disks across the "Device" tab. Select the respective USB drive and define the tệp tin system that you wish lớn format the drive.


Step 3: Defining Parameters & Starting the Process

Next, specify the "Volume Label" by typing in the information according to lớn your need. Specify the "Format options" with the available checklist and click "Start" to format the drive.


With that, we will now find out about another option that would suit your requirements if you are not satisfied with the HP USB Format Tool.

Best Alternative of HP USB Format Tool

As stated above, we have discovered that the HP USB Format Tool does not feature support for Windows 11 users. In such conditions, it is best lớn find an alternative that caters to the need of a greater audience. It has been found that Ease
US Partition Master không tính tiền provides the essential service required by users. It can adjust disk space, create a new partition, merge a partition, và set up a hard drive. With extensive support, this USB format tool is a great option compared khổng lồ the HP USB Format Tool.

Before we proceed, we have phối up a comparison table for Ease
US Partition Master miễn phí and HP USB Disk Storage Format tool. Look through the mentioned details to know more about the differences between both software:

ComparisonHP USB Format ToolEase
FS, ex

Compared with HP tool, Ease
US Partition Master is không tính tiền with more functions. It can totally replace the HP USB format tool. You can easily create & delete partitions that are not required across the computer. Disk performance is controlled through the tool. We will now proceed khổng lồ discuss the conditional steps that will help you in formatting an HP USB with the help of Ease
US Partition Master Free:

Right-click the external drive or USB you intend to format and choose "Format".Set the Partition label, tệp tin system (NTFS/FAT32/EXT2/EXT3/EXT4/ex
FAT), & Cluster size, then click "OK".Click "Yes" to continue.Click the "Execute 1 Task(s)" button and click "Apply" khổng lồ format the hard drive partition.

Other Important Features of Ease
US Partition Master Free

The extending volume across the drive can be adjusted across another partition without data loss.


Did you like our tutorial on using the HP USB Format Tool perfectly? With a clear overview of the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, you have understood the guidelines of how to lớn use this tool for formatting your required USB. Following this, a perfect alternative that supports a larger audience is presented in the shape of Ease
US Partition Master Free. We hope you have learned more about the tool in every perfect way.

FAQ of HP USB Format Tool

Are you still having confusion with formatting your HP USB? We have outlined some questions for you that define the parameters in a better way so that you can format your drive with ease:

1. How vày I format my HP Flash Drive?

You can use the HP USB Format Tool discussed in the article. Look through the tool and learn more about how to use it in the provided details.

2. How bởi I format a RAW Flash Drive khổng lồ FAT32?

US Partition Master không tính tiền provides the option of formatting a RAW flash drive khổng lồ FAT32.

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3. What format does a Windows USB need khổng lồ be in?

You must have your Windows USB in the FAT32 format, as it is the most versatile tệp tin system across Windows.