The first of the chapters may not have been spectacular, but there were certainly a few laughs. There wasn’t much in there in terms of nội dung that we weren’t expecting. I guess it was just one of those chapters that has khổng lồ be done but holds no real value in the long-term but it did provide entertainment non-the-less.

Bạn đang xem: Will of the heart; decisions made

Chapter 798 on the other hand was a lot more interesting.





The chapter started off with one of the long running gags related khổng lồ Zoro’s directional sense or lack of it. Having agreed khổng lồ Luffy that they would meet him at the eastern port, Zoro begins lớn lead the team away only for Bartolomeo to lớn intervene that the direction he was headed in was not actually east.

It seems Barty is already aware of Zoro’s problem considering he’s a fan-boy lượt thích us & finds it totally cool despite the obvious fault in Zoro. I love how he can use his barriers as invisible walls that the marines all run in to.

Barty is actually leading the way with a flag lớn guide the rest of the crew. We have Robin-San (looking as xinh tươi as ever); Franky, Kanjuro and Kinemon running beside her. There’s Bellamy, Zoro & Law at the back and in between them all is a Usopp who’s managed khổng lồ fall face first in the run. The fact that Usopp’s nose has bent out of place is just hilarious.



Bastille is aware the pirates are heading for the eastern port but upon checking his men posted there, he learns that they’ve all been defeated by the pirate alliance. I mean seriously dude, these guys are so easy to defeat, and did he honestly expect them khổng lồ still be holding out.

The pirate alliance is awesome & I love the fact Baby-5 has joined them.



So just lượt thích her mother, Rebecca decided she doesn’t want the life of her princess và only requires happiness. She wants lớn spend time with her dad and if it means running away from the royal life, so be it. Not lượt thích she’d experienced it in the first place so nothing lost in that department but she has finally gained a dad.

We were expecting something along those lines và it took Luffy kidnapping Rebecca to lớn make all this happen. The scene was quite touching when she made her decision in regards khổng lồ Kyros. Almost bought a tear to lớn my eye.



This chapter wasn’t the greatest in comparison to what we had last week but it was above mediocre và I was satisfied with how the plot is progressing.




The marines had to face the wrath of the fairies similar to what Zoro had experienced early on in this arc… Two years ago now I think. The dwarves have hit the marine camp hard, stealing anything and everything that can be named a weapon. That puts them out of kích hoạt and makes things a lot easier for our pirates khổng lồ escape.

If that hadn’t been enough, our little Leo has stitched the ships together and even stitched marines lớn the ground, much the bewilderment of the entire marine force. They obviously are not aware of the devil-fruit abilities of the ferocious little warrior.

Even Princess Mon-Cheri is doing her bit despite how immoral it seems lớn her. Good Ol’ Mowji is the devil on her shoulder. But it’s for a just cause after all. The pirates don’t deserve to be captured after all they’ve done for the country.


It seems Sengoku has been trying to put two & two together all this time và although he had very strong suspicions, they were finally confirmed at the hands of Trafalgar Law himself. He is the reason why Rosinante lied lớn him in the whole mess-up leading up khổng lồ the Ope-Ope Fruit’s disappearance & the capture of Doflamingo failing at the time.

The two have a chat và there are again some talks about the Will of D. But nothing concrete is revealed. Sengoku definitely knows something after Law reveals his full name but dismisses it in front of the former Shichibukai, telling Law lớn forget about it và claims Rosinante knew nothing of it either.

The two can agree upon Law having completed Rosinante’s will in bringing an kết thúc to Doflamingo’s reign. They both were close khổng lồ Corason. Law looking up to him like an elder brother và Sengoku seeing him lượt thích a son. So you could say the two of them have a distant family bonding through the death of a mutual loved one.

He doesn’t show any love for Law, claiming he would have captured him should he still be an active marine but he does tell Law to lớn live on for Corason & remember him. That’s the only thing you could truly bởi vì that would be appreciated by him.



Issho isn’t usually violent but when you piss a quiet man, you know you’re in trouble. The blind admiral picked the world up. Lượt thích literally lifted the debris around in to lớn the air & was ready to launch everything down, destroying everybody in the area.

I’m talking crazy amounts of damage here. Can you imagine building upon broken building falling upon your ass from the skies? This is what Fujitora is capable of. He’s not an admiral for nothing. These guys are seriously strong and are the marine’s answer khổng lồ the Yonkou.


Everybody knows the pirates are screwed. King Riku knows. Violet knows. Even the Tontatta’s know, and they’re the most dim-witted when it comes to realising things. Those incredible little people are ready to come lớn Usolands help, despite what they see ahead of them.

Barty calls it cheating because the power nguồn Fujitora possesses is over-powered, even in comparison khổng lồ the ability of the Bartomoleo’s Barrier-Barrier Fruit.


Now this moment was badass. Luffy is running for the ship, Barty tells him to dodge Fuji and make a break for it. Luffy has tốc độ so it is possible & it makes sense considering Fujitora is a frickin’ admiral.

But Luffy doesn’t accept Barty’s advice. In fact, he completely ignores it & nails the admiral with a punch. His reasoning behind it what makes this punch epic. He claims that he can’t run away from these fights anymore. He has lớn take these guys on if he wants lớn become the pirate king & be the crew leader the straw-hats can look up to. Fair play Luffy but how the hell are you going to defeat Fuji-fookin-tora?



This chapter was much better và the unexpected encounter in the kết thúc was really worth the read. Looks lượt thích we’ve got another final fight on our hands.

by Sam Leach, Jul 17th 2017

It"s been almost 800 episodes và I still stand with the One Piece anime as a way khổng lồ enjoy this series, even if its heyday is behind us. Most of it comes from an acknowledgement that the production values have in fact never been consistent và the show"s worst pacing issues have been present since at least the 300s, & yet that"s never stopped people from falling in love with the series. It also helps that nowadays you get the occasional amazing episode that"s way above something you would have seen in the early years.

But every now & then even I get a little glum, particularly whenever the show has lớn flashback to earlier animation and I realize how much I miss the way it used lớn look. That feeling returns this week as we finally get confirmation that one of Big Mom"s many children is none other than Lola from Thriller Bark, while the lookalike who"s married to lớn Capone is her twin sister. This triggers a series of flashbacks khổng lồ the Thriller Bark arc, none of which looks spectacular, but it looks the way One Piece looks in my mind"s eye. There are so many little flourishes the anime has added over the years—the softer màu sắc pallet, the increased detail in Nami"s eyes—and it all looks fine when the rest of the production is up to lớn snuff, but if the animation"s going khổng lồ feel half-finished a lot of the time anyway, I wish we had the bold colors và old designs back.

I probably wouldn"t be feeling this right now if the episode wasn"t stretched so absurdly thin. The aforementioned flashback takes up a shocking amount of screen time and I"ve already been getting exhausted by the Seducing Woods stuff. I"m at the point now where I"m trying to imagine how this arc might feel in a marathon, and even with my patient standards I think this section is going to be at least one episode too long. Clearly the production cycle is in a tight spot compared to where the manga"s story is at, & the show is begging for even a small break.

To dredge up some something positive here, when Charlotte Cracker arrives on the scene and knocks out many of Big Mom"s minions, the art on their horrified corpses after having their souls dispatched was ghastly. There"s a lot about Cracker & his upcoming fight with Luffy that"s super cool và interesting, but as of this episode there would be no way to lớn know how big of a giảm giá he is. His massive 860 million bounty is relegated lớn the next episode preview (alongside a lot of stellar looking animation) but it"s in this episode that we desperately need an adrenaline shot to keep the momentum going, & I don"t think there is one nearby.

I think that"s the problem. Cracker is a big deal, but right now he feels lượt thích just another tedious obstacle in the Seducing Woods. The setting isn"t the problem, the characters aren"t the problem, the problem is that we"ve spent so much time goofing off & going through all these repetitive challenges that I can"t imagine the few people who keep up with the anime week to week will be getting a whole lot out of the Whole Cake Island arc so far. Next week"s episode looks great, and I wish that was the one we were getting this week instead.

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Rating: C+

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