Be warned! This đánh giá will cover aspects of the episode. Spoilers will lurk like groaning walkers..

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How much you enjoy this week's episode hinges on whether you A) lượt thích Tara Chambler B) can't stand her or C) have entirely forgotten her existence. Swear catches up with Alanna Masterton’s Tara và Corey Hawkins' Heath as they continue their scavenging mission begun at the kết thúc of Season 6. It means that there's an undercurrent of heartbreak lurking at its heart, because Tara - who eventually makes it back to lớn Alexandria to lớn learn what has happened in the interim – has a whole lot of sadness in her future. This week's slightly lengthened episode (again, not for particularly necessary reasons, but better than the all-Negan horror show of a couple of weeks ago) takes us on a visit to another new community in the apocalypse: Oceanside. The former motorhome by the beach (nice locale! Well, if you like fish) is the location for a group that initially appears lớn have overtones of Y: The Last Man's Amazons, but as it turns out, Negan's mob killed all their males above the age of 10 & prompted the women to flee. Quite how they were able to escape the Saviours, và why they haven't been hunted down once they fought back, remains to be seen.


In a previous season, it might have had more impact to see another different society, but between learning more about the Saviours' Sanctuary and stopping by Ezekiel's Kingdom, it doesn't elicit quite the same reaction. At least it's a break away from direct tương tác with the Saviours, even if they vị factor into Oceanside's tragic past. Instead of a smug dictator with a bat, we have Natania (Deborah May), who leads her surviving women and children with a tough but not unsympathetic power. They see right through Tara's rubbish attempt lớn lie about where she's from (a larder as a type of boat? What sort of nonsense is that? Why not just say a fishing boat?) We spend almost the entire episode with the new faces – though there are brief jumps back to Tara & Heath ruminating on the nature of people in this post-apocalyptic world & them disturbing the buried "sand walkers" – và the new cast keep things from feeling too much lượt thích filler. Và both phối pieces with the sand walkers are effectively disturbing, even if the walkers don't exactly try very hard and the little mistaken identity moment near the kết thúc with the female walker that Tara momentarily thinks could be the missing Heath is almost as ridiculous as her fishing boat lie. In fact, Masterson is saddled with quite a lot of unconvincing dialogue and several moments of attempted levity that fell as quickly as Tara from the bridge. You've got to lớn enjoy Tara flipping the bird to annoying child warrior Rachel (Mimi Kirkland), though.


In summary, Swear probably won;t end up becoming a favourite episode for many, as it really takes the pedal off the accelerator after the excitement at Hilltop and with Jesus & Carl sneaking into the Saviours' truck at the end of last week's episode. But we did get khổng lồ see another corner of this damaged world and learn more about how the Saviours are affecting everyone nearby. Did we specifically need lớn spend an entire episode to vày that? Perhaps not, but the dynamic between Tara và the Oceanside dwellers, particularly, Sydney Park's Cyndie, who spares Tara's life when she washes up on their beach & helps her escape when the others have decided to walk her out lớn the forest & give her the full Sopranos treatment (it's not the same area, but we would've given the show extra marks for a Walker that looked like the guy from the Pine Barrens episode who escaped the mob duo). Oceanside's dynamic is interesting enough, though it does feel lượt thích a thiết lập for later down the line and a distraction from other, more pressing plots. Perhaps, given the show's penchant for longer episodes, it could have been sprinkled between other stories? But full marks for pulling off Tara's triumph-turns-to-tragedy return khổng lồ Alexandria using no dialogue, just the look on her face as she learns what's been going on while she's been away.

Big Questions

How does Oceanside compare lớn its comic book counterpoint?

Its beachside location is similar, though it hasn't suffered quite as much tragedy as in the TV backstory. It's situated near enough lớn Alexandria & the other places we've visited so far that Tara can walk back trang chủ without apparently needing a vehicle, but it's tough khổng lồ tell exactly where it's located.

What does the PPP on the thẻ Tara finds mean?

No idea yet, but if Heath did leave it, it's probably some way of communication. Maybe it stands for buổi tiệc ngọt Pooper Patrol, và he was nabbed by Negan's gang? Or perhaps it's just his keycard to CTU now that he's the new Jack Bauer. (In-joke alert! Corey Hawkins is starring in 24: Legacy, which means he may be gone from The Walking Dead for a while)

Will Oceanside end up factoring into any battle against Negan's mob?

Probably? It'll depend on how long Tara keeps their existence a secret. But you have khổng lồ figure that both Ezekiel và Natania's people have been introduced for more than just a quick visit.

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Greg Nicotero On Directing The Walking Dead Finale: ‘It’s A Pretty Amazing Episode’ – Exclusive Image

Sunday night"s episode ofThe Walking Dead was, in many ways, a huge relief. Unlike last week"s utter disaster of a midseason premiere, "New Best Friends" actually had some good moments.

The writing was far less painful, và the dialogue (both in terms of writing & delivery) felt less wooden và more natural.

The differences between last week"s painful atrocity of an episode and this week"s are so glaring it"s almost as thoughthe showrunners outsourced the midseason premiere to lớn a cadre of overeager fifth graders, decidedly out of their depth. This week we see a return khổng lồ form, even though aspects of the story rubbed me wrong.

Hey, what"s a review without some criticism? Ultimately, it feels likeThe Walking Deadis at a crossroads. There are choices to be made about where to go from here.

Camp Cheese

We"ll start off with the good. Last week I could barely muster a kind word about the midseason premiere, leading many reviewers to call for my head or swear off reading me altogether. I hope many of my critics were telling alternative facts và plan to lớn return this week because this week I have nice things lớn say.

I didn"t love everything about the Trash People, who I guess are called the Garbage Pail Kids, but I did love how the entire scene with Rick & this new group was so campy, almost lượt thích a 60"s or 70"s science fiction film. ThinkPlanet of the Apesand its contemporaries.

When Rick climbs to lớn the đứng top of the "up up up up" with the weird cult leader, we see the dump splayed out behind him. It"s one of the fakest looking backdrops I"ve ever seen inThe Walking Dead, so jarringly bad that I couldn"t help but love it instantly. I mean, the chutzpah you have lớn have to put such an obviously kém chất lượng background into an otherwise high-budget show is truly admirable.

Credit: AMC

Then, too, we had the pulsing synth music; the gladiator fight with the blade-covered zombie Winslow; the overall silliness of the entire scenario. It really felt lượt thích something plucked out of another decade and plopped down smack dab in the middle ofThe Walking Dead.

If King Ezekiel và the Kingdom are cheesy Shakespeare, this new group và the entire scene between Rick & its leaders is cheesy sci-fi from a bygone era. I really wish they"d go all the way with this. Toss in some long zooms or dolly zooms, really get that retro cinematic vibegoing.

Stuff lượt thích this:

A Time to Change

I love campy, cheesy moments in a show likeThe Walking Dead,which all too often takes itself far too seriously, but for this show in particular I think this could also represent a potential road khổng lồ redemption. Actually, at this point
I"m not sure howThe Walking Deadcan really continue without embracing the cheese wholeheartedly.

Let"s face it: Lots of things about this show have changed.

What was once a fairly gritty zombie show that emphasized grim realism (inasmuch as this kind of show can be "realistic") has shifted toward something a lot more like a comic book. We now have communities ruled by kings who talk lượt thích fake Shakespearean actors.

We have a super-villain who anthropomorphizes his bat và makes terrible jokes all the time, in between spouting off nursery rhymes.

We have one community that"s all female and shoots anyone on sight, and another community that dresses all in black, doesn"t speak or show any emotion, and is ruled over by a chick who talks weird for no reason and gives orders with hand gestures---also for no apparent reason.

Garbage Pail Kids

This newest community is just bizarre, và we have no explanation for it. They"re boastfully lazy, saying that they take stuff but not if it puts them out. They "don"t bother" working that hard so they waited for Rick khổng lồ steal the supplies on the boat & then followed him to lớn Alexandria to lớn steal them back. The boat itself was too much work. I have no clue why nobody in this community speaks or smiles or shows any sign of life. I can"t figure out whether the leader of the group is speaking English as a second language or if she"s mentally handicapped. Same goes for much of her group.

It"s utterly absurd. It only works under one condition: ThatThe Walking Deadabandons all pretense ofrealism and embraces utterly & entirely campy, comic-bookcorniness.

Maybe we have to set aside the grim and gritty days of the show"s past và just learn lớn love the kitschy, sometimes flat-out bad và almost always cheesy showthatThe Walking Deadhas become. Why fight it?

In a lot of ways, that backdrop of the dump sums it up for me. It"s easily one of the worst shots we"ve ever seen in the entire show"s run. It"s so obviously kém chất lượng you want to lớn chuckle when you see it. But there"s something magical about it, too. There"s something weirdly retro & old-school about this entire scene. Something at once earnest và weird.

Why So Serious?

Contrast this khổng lồ some of the other moments in "New Best Friends." Scenes with Daryl, Carol và Morgan were all abundantly Serious with a capital "S."

I vày think Daryl was much, much better than he was last week. He had more lines & they were almost all better than the silly nonsense he spouted at Gregory và Ezekiel in the midseason premiere. I was a little annoyed by his treatment of Morgan, as though Morgan and Ezekiel meeting with the Saviors is somehow a reflection on them personally. It just doesn"t make sense for Daryl khổng lồ get on Morgan"s case when he"switnessed Rick & the other survivorsdo the exact same thing under even more humiliating circumstances. Fortunately, Morgan was later able lớn throw it back in Daryl"s face when he confronts him about not telling Carol the truth. (It"s also mildly hilarious to lớn watch the two most tight-lipped characters try to lớn argue. Like having two rocks shout at one another.)

Speaking of Carol, I just don"t think she"s earned her current situation. Why is she pampered by Ezekiel & the Kingdom? She"s allowed to treat everyone like walking garbage, but they still bring her cobbler. For reasons I can"t understand, Carol is treated lượt thích royalty. Is it that Ezekiel has the hots for her? If so... Why? She"s done nothing lớn deserve that.

I also don"t think she"s earned, as a character, her isolation và trauma. Obviously, every character in the show has faced traumatic events that we can"t begin to relate to, but why is Carol the one who breaks under all the strain? The show doesn"t explain this khổng lồ us in any fashion whatsoever, và so we"re left with Carol telling Daryl that any more tragedy và killing would be the over of her, destroying whatever scrap of humanity she had left.

But again, why is this? Why is Carol the one suddenly undone by loss and tragedy? Every other thành viên of the group has now experienced even greater and more profound loss but Carol, we are told, is the one who had to lớn get away, go live in a cabin & read books and get doted on by unwelcome visitors. It"s basically the showrunners making yet another character we used to lượt thích almost unwatchable. Nor does it fall within my "so campy it"s fun" criteria. It"s just... Annoying. Carol is annoying now, and Daryl should have told her what happened lớn Glenn. They can use all the help they can get.

Besides, she"ll know about it sooner or later. Then what?

Daryl also didn"t tell her that Richard was planning to sacrifice her khổng lồ inspire Ezekiel to action against the Saviors. That could still happen, but Daryl somehow forgets khổng lồ pass along a warning. I don"t understand.

I did enjoy Daryl getting a crossbow again. He just hasn"t been the same since he lost his lớn Dwight. And I liked his fight with Richard, whose plan is just ridiculous.

Speaking of Richard, it"s hard not lớn sympathize with him after Negan"s goon keeps taunting him. Ezekiel has to lớn realize how untenable the situation is. It can"t last. Sooner or later it"s going khổng lồ get worse. At any point,Negan could show up at one of their weekly exchanges with a much larger force & take out Ezekiel & all his lieutenants in one simple stroke. It"s not a good situation to lớn be in, especially with Rick stirring up even more trouble.

So it was good that Morgan blocked the goon"s attack on Richard, & cool khổng lồ see the hapless Benjamin take a shot as well (even if it didn"t go that well.) Morgan should have acted a bit faster lớn save his staff, but I have a feeling he"ll get it back. Tensions are escalating, one way or another, và we"re building toward a major battle.

Finally, we have a Rosita problem. She has swiftly become one of the absolute worst characters on the show. Just about everything she says is mean & snotty. Her conversation with Tara at the kết thúc of this episode was cringe-worthy. When did she become a 16-year-old in the throws of hormonal hostility? Tara suggests bringing the supplies khổng lồ Alexandria, regrouping and then going back out to find guns, but Rosita scoffs at this perfectly reasonable idea... For no reason. She"s just awful and I wouldn"t shed a tear to see her bite the next bullet.

Father Gabriel, on the other hand, has gotten a bit more tolerable. He"s not such a coward, at least. He"s enthusiastic in his tư vấn of Rick và his other companions. That"s something.


All told,this was a better episode than last week và a good stepping stone toward the inevitable war with Negan. I still think the show isin the midst of perhaps its most direidentity crisis, lost between its gritty, realism-based roots và the comic book camp it"s now embraced, but at least this week was entertaining.

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What did you think of the episode? Am I crazy thinking that a campierThe Walking Dead might also be a more enjoyable show? Shout out in the comments.


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